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Pamper your precious pooch
with the best of the best.

Richmond, Clifton Hill, or Fitzroy based? Our services are worth the travel time!

Hoochy Poochy offers premium puppy and dog grooming at our Abbotsford venue. Providing expert advice and quality services to suit every dog’s needs, Hoochy Poochy promises a spa-like experience.

Our qualified dog groomer is committed to your dog’s welfare, creating a safe and relaxing environment free from uncomfortable cages and drying cabinets. Working with some of the best dog groomers in the industry, we can take care of your four-legged friends using state-of-the-art equipment and a luxurious range of products.

Please note: Service not available to first timers or customers at our Blackburn venue.

Dog Grooming With A Difference

While dog grooming can cause stress for dogs of all ages, we do our best to create a calming environment ensuring that your pup leaves feeling, looking and smelling great.

We can provide whatever you're comfortable with, when it comes to your dogs coat. It can be towel dried or a high velocity dryer can be used after they've been conditioned and de-matted. Nail trimming and breed specific clipping available by appointment only and for an extra charge.

Simply bring your pups and pooches and we’ll provide everything else. Hoochy Poochy provides the pawfect space for the dreamiest of dog parties.

To ensure you, your friends and your dogs are safe and comfortable at all times, our climate controlled centre boasts flooring coated with non‐slip impervious epoxy coating.

Dog Party Rate

$ 450 for 3 hours Saturday or Sunday afternoon
  • Maximum of 10 dogs allowed.
  • Includes one staff member in attendance to clean up after the dogs.
  • Catering can be arranged by 8 Murray Street Café – Abbotsford.
  • Bond of $300.00 refundable the next business day.

Take a closer look

Grooming Rates

Bath & Brush Out
(Tues - Thurs)

  • Smooth Coated Breeds (Staffies, Great Danes, Greyhounds etc) $50+
  • Short Double Coat (Labrador, Short Coat GSD) $70+
  • Double Coated Breeds (Shepherds, Newfoundlands, Samoyeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs etc) $100-200+
  • Extra cost for speciality deshed shampoo

Extra charges will be incurred for nails/fleas/matted/difficult dogs.

Please note: Service not applicable to first timers or customers at our Blackburn venue.

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Premium dog grooming services are available by appointment only.
Mon-Fri 7.30am - 6.30pm