November 14, 2023 by [email protected]

Like any other purchase, whether a new car, a new bed, booking a getaway, choosing the right doggy day-care is even more important to ensure your fur-baby is in safe hands.

When researching doggy day-cares, there are some very important criteria you need to tick off.

The first thing is to check, the dog day-care is registered with its local council under the Codes of Practice for Dog Day-care and Boarding Establishments. This ensures the dog day-care centre conforms to play area sizes, Staff to Dog Ratios, and a whole range of other requirements.

Qualified dog trainers?

Next, check the doggie day-care centre has qualified day-care attendants and or dog trainers. As a dog owner you want to rest assured your doggo is in the safest of hands.

Does the dog Day-care centre clearly show who the owner is? What expertise does the owner have in this industry. Beware of owners who wanted a career change and decided to open up a dog day-care just because they have always loved dogs. 

Quality check the doggy day-care

Does the dog day care centre have good Google Reviews? Always check.

Ask if you can see the inside of the centre. If the dog day-care centre refuses, then I would not be interested in bringing my dog there. Look for a centre that is Open-Plan not a centre with rooms that staff can’t see all the dogs at any one time.

Does the centre have an online booking system to make booking your sessions easily? Let’s face it, we all live busy lives so a dog daycare centre that has online bookings means more flexibility for you the dog owner.

Is the centre Climate Controlled and does it also have ceiling fans for your doggo’s comfort? Very important on those hot summer days.

The floor is also an important aspect as to whether you take your dog to that dog day care. It should be ideally a non-slip Epoxy flooring. This ensure that doggos can run and play without slipping and sliding all over the place which could cause injury.

You also need to ask how doggos are grouped. A good dog day-care centre will have experience and expertise to group doggos according to temperament, not size.

Who’s looking after your dog?

Are the staff qualified in Dog First Aid? Very important criteria.

Do staff give you a report card either verbally or by email on how your pooch has gone?

Finally, does the doggy day-care centre offer a first session free of charge or discounted session to see if your dog is suitable for this environment. Very important before you invest money on packages.

If you follow these tips, finding a good doggy daycare will be much easier for you and your doggos.

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