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November 28, 2023 by [email protected]

People often ask why take a dog to doggy day-care? I often answer, for the same reason, people take their children to day care. It is a safe, nurturing and learning environment whereby, socialisation, mental and physical stimulation is promoted.

Dogs are a social and gregarious animal. They need a chance to engage with other dogs, interact, with play, chase whilst bonding at the same time. They learn social queues they may not get a chance to learn otherwise.

The benefits of doggy day care

Dogs that go to doggy day care even once a week benefit greatly. They get more physical and mental exercise on that day than they would on a daily walk for a week.

Dogs who are timid can also benefit if they are placed with quieter and low energy dogs. We have found these dogs social skills and interaction with other dogs improve in a very little time.

Dogs which are high in energy are encouraged to attend at least twice weekly but no more than three times per week as by the third dog day-care session, are way too tired mentally to really enjoy the full session.

Some dogs which have separation anxiety can benefit at Doggy Day care as well, as part of a holistic approach in remedying the problem.

The benefits of doggy day care for the owner

Doggy Day Care is not only beneficial for the doggos, but also for the owners. Owners who work from home get a break knowing their dogs are having a great time in a safe and secure environment. Conversely those who work mainly away, can rest assured their dog isn’t on its own and lonely.

So why not give your doggo a chance to Run, Play Learn & Rest at Hoochy Poochy.

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