Dog Agility Training

This course is for dogs and owners who are new to formal agility classes.

Our Instructors will teach you how each obstacle is negotiated in a fun and safe manner.  Obstacles taught at this level include weave pole, hurdles (single and spread), tyre jump, tunnels and pause square. 

Learn how to motivate your dog and develop teamwork including how to work your dog on both sides of your body. You will also learn, how to use cues, hand signals and motivational aids.

To join this course your dog must have completed our Basic Obedience Course or an equivalent course elsewhere. 

With years of experience in the industry

Command Dog Training School will ensure that all instructors will provide clear learning outcomes and structure within each session. Offering basic obedience training for dogs 16 weeks and over, there’s no age limit when it comes to who we train.
Got dog problems?

We’ll help you to resolve them and cement the special bond with your precious pooch.

Learn how to train

Learn how to train, shape and handle your dog’s behaviour in an environment that makes learning fun for you both.

Full agility training for your canine

Want your dog to take part in games and group activities whilst learning? We’ve got you covered. Exercise for the mind and body is important, and it’s no different for your dog. Contact Command Dog Training School now for all dog training.

We offer dog training on the following days:

* The minimum age is 16 weeks.

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