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Canine Cough and what it means for dogs attending daycare

For those that don’t know canine cough is a virus, similar to the ‘human cold’ that is aerosol by nature and simply a risk taken when sending your dog to a doggy daycare. The most common clinical signs include the abrupt onset of a dry, hacking cough and maybe nasal discharge. Dogs can recover with […]

Puppy Play Group Growing

Our Puppy Playgroup sessions on Mondays are a great hit. Each week we are seeing more and more COVID-19 Lockdown puppies attending for their all important social interaction with puppies of their own age. To participate you need to have puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age with up-to-date vaccinations and register on our […]

Welcome to our amazing new purpose-built high end doggy daycare centre

Hoochy Poochy is an essential service under the COVID-19 Restrictions which means we can stay open for our doggy daycare and puppy playgroup service. If you live 5kms from Abbotsford, you can bring your precious pooch or pup to us and we will look after them for the day. This is particularly important if you […]

Mon-Fri 7.30am - 6.30pm