January 18, 2024 by [email protected]

Ever wondered what to expect when dropping your pooch with us for the day? We know it can be sometimes worrying dropping your loved ones with us, and understandably! Read below to learn a little bit more  about what your dog can expect at our doggy day care. 

1. Tired – Your dog will generally be tired, as it has been playing most of the day with other dogs. Even if it has had rest periods it is often alert and watching the other dogs. Your dog will normally sleep the evening away so do not be alarmed if it is not its usual self.

2. Nails – If nails are long, they will wear down due to the activity on our non-slip epoxy floor. As it is a semi-rough surface (to avoid slipping), it works like an emery board on the nails. If the Hoochy Poochy staff finds the nails too long, a qualified staff member will clip them for your dog’s comfort.

3. Agility – Some dogs like to jump and run through tunnels. Dog Day Care Centres which employ dog trainers, can provide extra mental and physical stimulation by taking dogs through a basic Agility course which can include Weaving Poles (Slalom), Hurdles, Tyre Jumps and Tunnels. This builds confidence in dogs and an even more enjoyable experience for them as well.

4. Environmental Enrichment Toys – These toys are designed to encourage doggos to chase, chew and play tug-of-war. When dogs chew on a good quality toy their brain releases the hormone Serotonin. In doing so, it puts doggos into a calming serene mood which is quite relaxing for them.

5. Grooming – Your dog is given a maintenance brush each day it is in Hoochy Poochy for day-care. This gives your dog special one-on-one time with the staff which they certainly enjoy. If there are knots in your dog’s coat and they can be easily brushed out, they will be. However, if they are too knotted, we will leave them but notify you of their condition. Some dogs are sensitive to touch and may not enjoy grooming. If your dog is like this, we still attempt to give them a quick brush. After a few sessions they will start to enjoy it. If you have any queries about grooming or the products we use, please feel free to speak to us.

6. Exercise – Your dog will have been running around & playing more than it would at home if it were alone for the day. Therefore, after a day at Hoochy Poochy, it is not necessary to exercise your dog unless you want to. It is also important not to over- exercise your dog, especially if it is less than six months old because this can cause problems as the dog grows older.

7. Rest – If your dog is looking tired or wants to sleep it will be placed into a rest area (bedding provided). Once rested for say 15 to 20 minutes, they are moved to the play areas for more doggie fun.

Want to learn more about choosing the right day care? Read our guide here – https://hoochypoochy.com.au/the-ultimate-guide-to-choosing-the-perfect-dog-daycare-near-you/ 

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